MONCLER GRENOBLE 2016 autumn and winter series Collection Look

Moncler Grenoble designed clothing even in the most severe climate environment can also play its practicality, show sports charm, also suitable for mountain and small town for casual wear. All single items are easy to mix and match, various styles of clothing also adhering to the design purpose, the two concepts made the series: sports vitality and easy to exercise. Numerous details of the series reflect the origins of skiing: sheepskin linings and laces, opaque textures of craft fabrics, ribbed sweater alpaca or laminated woolen sweater or British style sweater. Colorful and bright. Warm colors are inspired by the refined, clear retro atmosphere: wine red, deep yellow and gray-green.

“Style Determines Techniques” – Carlo Mollino (1905-1973), 20th century inspirational architects and designers, stunt pilots, photographers and writers. He is the author of the book “Introduction of Alpine Skiing”. The book follows the eclecticism of the author, “the author as a skier, he is infatuated with perfect ripple which are full of artistic beauty and stunning.” His sculptures and bold art design with extreme high altitude areas as the background. Similarly, in his theory of skiing, he also expresses a visual light, imaginary passion and organic vitality and other elements, and these elements and rational rigorous attitude and coherence to be together.

The artistic beauty of the artist who loves the steep slope is inspiration of Moncler Grenoble new series. He was one of the pioneers of the 1930s, until then he was the only person who was mountain sports enthusiasts and social elites. The series followed the styles of first series, clearly using slim line design, beautiful pattern, soft texture. Fabric with close-fitting design, so that you can fit the body movements, highlighting the beauty of movement in the piste. Molino in the “Introduction of Alpine Skiing” through several illustrations to study the body dynamics of clothing when the body begins to move, the theories involved in these illustrations are also reflected in the T-shirts in the series.


Moncler Grenoble provides the necessary men and women clothing, design both have style and technology, artistic beauty and high-performance integration. Clothing adhering to the “traditional style”, permeated with the concept of Moncler Grenoble, and very modern. At the same time, the surface of the waterproof fabric has also been used, thermoplastic ski pants and the ski suit with elastic side are made of this material. Carlo Mollino and his friend Leo Gasperl, the founder of the Italian national ski team, used to wear costumes made of tweed fabric in skiing in Cervinia. Fabrics are warm, lightweight advantages. These fabrics include stretch flannel, wool denim, retro breathable cotton cloth- its opaque texture draws on the characteristics of innovative materials such as truck tarpaulins, natural waterproof materials and three compression layer. Hooded to cover the head, against the biting cold wind. Single products can be layered wear and combined with warm cotton technology. While also using goose down, to create high-performance clothing. Windbreaker can be worn alone, but also with the vest; these two clothes are used plaid nylon fabric, the clothing is lined with a thin layer of padding, warm and comfortable. Cotton cardigan and Vichy nylon shirt matches appropriately. Sewing elements and technical elements are integrated in clothing production, such benefits are particularly found in mountain climbing button hook women’s wool jackets, fun nylon tie, warm cotton small suit and elegant women’s wool wide leg pants. The side of the latter is printed with classic stripes, which draws on the design of ski clothing.