MONCLER tribute to New York City

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Moncler the nation’s first flagship store in the grand opening in the core area of New York City. The store is located on the prestigious Madison Avenue, echoes with the store is that store in Prince Street, SOHO Business District. The brand known for the spirit of innovative exploration, the new flagship store will continue this style, to pay tribute to the famous city New York. The new Moncler flagship store in Madison Avenue area of more than 600 square meters, with the same as the other stores designed by the French Gilles & Boissier architecture studio effort. The theme of the grand opening event is the Stars and Stripes, held in November 16, 2016.

Moncler melt New York feelings into the brand’s classic representatives down jacket. Artist and designer Thom Browne uses the coat to construct the art work, becomes the essence of new store interior decoration. The installation named “USA Flag”, created by Thom Browne in 2016 and composed of 28 pieces of special edition coats. Each coat personally designed by Thom Browne, the perfect fusion of the top material and exquisite workmanship, common interpretation of the theme of the American flag. Each piece of the same type has its own unique features, mutually spliced mosaic exclusive the whole wall of the New York flagship store, creating a magnificent sensory experience. The 28 pieces of unique coats are equipped with an independent number, then in the brand’s official website for charity sale, proceeds from the sale will be donated to New York’s largest organization for poverty alleviation Robin Hood. Moncler pay tribute to New York City special series is personally designed and built by Thom Browne, covering coat, cashmere sweater and special edition accessories, the design also incorporates the Stars and Stripes elements which symbolize charm and strength. Madison Avenue store will be the exclusive presentation of this special series and unique artistic ideas.

At the same time, Moncler, especially invited the famous New York director Spike Lee shot a compact music video, to show the brand love for New York City, appreciation and admiration. Simple and powerful main line which runs through the music video, smooth melody blend 60s West India pop music and playful jumping echo effect, bringing up to 5 minutes of shock experience. Music based on the voice of the city, to explain the infinite beauty with contradiction and contrast, brings unparalleled stunning effect, it is memorable. The video with a unique narrative tells a passionate story of New York, depicts the New York impression, inclusiveness. Spike Lee: “I am convinced that New York is one of the most outstanding cities on the planet, and as a filmmaker who tells stories to the audience, I decided to take this video about New York in the hot, humid August day, this may be the hottest time of the year. ”

The music video named Brave, by dancers Lil Buck, John Boogz and Damaris Lewis, the music video is inspired by the leading song “Brave Suffering Beautiful” and Off-Broadway Musical “The Total Bent” which was created by Stew Rodewald, Heidi Rodewald. The video combines expressive images, text, and music to express joy or poetic or energetic tone in the depths of New York City’s soul, and at the same time, the passion of life show in front of us.

Spike Lee from a unique perspective, through the video to tells us why Moncler praised New York. This magnificent city on the banks of the Hudson River is rich and vibrant, attract, inspire and change generation after generation. At the beginning of the video, Spike Lee began reading the sonnet engraved on the bronze plate of the Statue of Liberty, the American poet Emma Lazarus’s masterpiece The New Colossus. The world-famous Statue of Liberty is a symbol of peace and strength, she conveyed to the world goodwill and acceptance, and look forward to the common prosperity of all mankind, common transformation, and jointly meet a better future. Spike Lee concluded: “The Statue of Liberty symbolizes peace and freedom, attracting millions of people to land in the United States. New York is the first portal to meet them. I feel the moment the voice of the American people from this song Brave Suffering Beautiful.

Spike Lee and Thom Browne each with a unique interpretation of this common theme the Stars and Stripes. There are inextricably linked: in the final scene of the video, the director wearing special edition down coat, this coat is of course the designer for the film tailor-made sincerity gift.

“Tribute to New York City” just perfect to integrate the independent artistic imagination, show the timeless charm of art with the same era mark and vivid way, is a well deserved innovation feast. The cooperation witnessed Moncler once again with extraordinary artistic expression to give life different mood, different aesthetic images and cultural symbols intertwined, tells a colorful modern story. Just as Moncler new flagship store grand opening, can be described as a combination of classic fashion and extraordinary creativity.